It Started with a Ride

Deadwood, South Dakota storytellers Scotte and Toni Burns are reuniting America by sharing her profound, funny, memorable and historic love stories. On the road and on the air, they are becoming America’s favorite storytelling - motorcycle touring - adventure seeking - philosopher - podcaster - public speaking - photographer - love story hunters.

Married (to each other) over 35 years, they’ve raised two kids and a menagerie of animals, breaking a couple bones and more than a few rules along the way.

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Our Mission

To inspire curiosity and mutual respect through engaging tales of love in America across diverse cultures  via compelling multimedia storytelling and interviews.

Our Vision

Love in America exists to inspire curiosity and mutual respect, and to entertain, through engaging tales of love and life across diverse cultures in the US and throughout American history, using multimedia storytelling, compelling travel experiences, and personal contact.


Scotte Burns

Scotte Burns is a writer whose work has been featured in OnStage Magazine, The Coachella Review, Evening Street Press, Nth Degree SciFi/Fantasy, The GNU Journal, the Rocky Mountain News, Westword, and other publications. He has produced manuscripts for two nonfiction books including Stealing Home, a book on at-home parenting for men, and The Forever Ending Story: A History of the End of Time. He is a retired English/Literature and Earth science teacher with a B.A. in English and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. 


In addition to teaching and writing, Scotte is a songwriter and musician/vocalist and has worked as a Renaissance Festival swordsman, a floral supply wholesaler, a traffic signal repairman, truck driver and landscape foreman. At home in the Black Hills of South Dakota, he leads tours and tells stories of Deadwood history and the life of Wild Bill Hickok. He loves dogs and some other people's cats.

Toni Burns

Toni Burns is a natural born speaker. She is bewildered by the oft cited belief that Americans are more afraid of public speaking than death. With a B.A. in Organizational Development, and minor in Communications, she revels in the chance to turn her near-obsessive need for research into engaging, entertaining, and informative presentations. She has a creative writing side as well, having co-authored two fantasy novels, Fated, Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy and Fable, Book 1 from the Djenrye Chronicles. Her love of gardening and all things growing translated to the pen (or computer, if you will) with her work published in Rodale’s Organic Gardening Magazine. 


A biker and bicyclist, a mortgage lender and author, a Renaissance Festival full-plate-metal-comedic-fighter and cookie-baking mom, an environmentalist and a carnivore, dog lover, cat appreciator, born in Greece and raised in America, Toni is a bit paradoxical. A uniqueness that creates a need in her to understand how other people’s heads and hearts work.

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